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Each month in my newsletter I recommend some books and maybe other things that help inspire me or make my quilting more of a pleasure than it already is.  They are included below for easy reference.  Most of these recommendations are available from the Book Depository with offers great deals on shipping to NZ (free is a pretty great deal).

One-block Wonders

One-Block Wonders where it is the fabric that creates a one-off quilt. Very similar to the ‘stack and whack’ method, quilts made like this showcase your fabric selection.

salt sugar smoke

salt sugar smoke offers up many great ideas for the surplus fruit and veg in the garden or if you have been unusually lucky in your hunting and gathering.

twelve by twelve The International Art Quilt Challenge

Two expat New Zealanders, Kirsten Duncan and Brenda Gael Smith (another of my Palmie symposium tutors) and their work that features in twelve by twelve The International Art Quilt Challenge. In this book 12 artists from around the world showcase their chosen techniques with 12x12 inch pieces of work.

Layered Waves

Via a class I did at symposium - Layered Waves by Karen Eckmeier.  Her top-stitched curves opens up a whole new way of piecing and assembling a quilt top.  And Karen is such a great informative and sharing tutor if you get a chance to do a class with her I really recommend it. 

The Farmers Wife (Sampler Quilt)

The book all traditional quilters should Read all about is The Farmers Wife (Sampler Quilt). In 1922 the Farmers Wife magazine asked its readers "If you had a daughter would you have her marry a farmer?" and 7000 replied. The majority of these answered yes. This book has 111 blocks inspired by those (presumably) farmers' wives. 

The Best of Quilting Arts

a book I should have read before submitting my quilts for judging.  The Best of Quilting Arts compiled by Pokey Bolton has a chapter on writing an effective artist statement. It also celebrates ten years of the Quilting Arts magazine with its many and varied techniques from the basics to beyond.

The Creative Pattern Book

Judy Martin's The Creative Pattern Book. I have made two quilts from this book and am presently surrounded by fabric for my next project - a Texas Chain (a twist on the Irish Chain). 

An Interview with The Slightly Mad Quilt Lady

Charlotte (aka The Slightly Mad Quilt Lady) and I sat down for a chat and she has kindly posted the conversation to her blog and podcast.  Check it out here.