I began quilting 25+ years ago when my life was in tatters. A friend put the pieces back together and in the process my life ... I had a wonderful new interest, patchwork and quilting.

My first quilt was completed in ten days and the lessons learnt with that first quilt have stayed with me - all those very good basics such as accuracy with cutting and sewing, ironing and ironing.

It was the desire to balance out that standard of New Zealand quilt-making that turned me to teaching. My philosophy is that as long as the basics have been learnt well then quilters can produce quilts, both traditional and contemporary, that stand comparison anywhere.

All quilt designs have what I like to call the smile barometer - beautiful work produces a wistful-want-to-copy smile while the whimsical and bright can cause outright mirth. The reaction is to the quilt and its maker.

In an ideal world all of us would have the ability to combine ideas, good workmanship and materials. Some of us need help to achieve that and the smile.

Most of my classes grew out of my love of the scrappy quilt and, on the introduction of double-sided fusible webbing, machine applique.

Mastering the sewing machine is an invaluable patchwork skill that I get a real thrill out of teaching others.

I have made more than 500 quilts, collected far more fabric than any one person has a chance of using in a lifetime, made some enduring friendships, extended my limits and become totally besotted with all aspects of patchwork and quilting.

Natalie Murdoch

Thinking of a class for yourself or your group? See my CV for my teaching history and exhibition achievements.

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